Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dirtman and the blustery day

Well at least the top of the window box cushion* is done...

Here being attacked modeled by the lovely Dirtman

...who, I think, lost.

*This is probably the closest I will get to quilting, though it's really not that because it's just the patches without the quilting. Whatever this is, this is the closest I'm likely to get to it.


Jane G. said...

That's really pretty.

Meg said...

I like it!!!

And, by the way, re: your comment earlier, did you know that Westminster *does* post the breed finals for each breed on their website? I watch the Ridgebacks here every year (we have a strong guess as to which local Ridgeback kennel her mom is from, so we like to watch and cheer on her cousins).

I know, not as cool as watching it on a full sized TV, but better than nothing. I love the Internet!

Gwynne said...

Pretty...I think it's called "patchwork" without the "quilt" at the end? But to us non-quilters, you can still call it a "quilt" if it involves sewing of any kind. ;-)