Monday, August 21, 2006

Sorry for the delay, but...

So, Sisiggy, what have you been doing lately since, obviously, you haven't been blogging or reading blogs?

Well, we've had some exciting times here in Linguiniland.

First, the bad news. Thanks to my cousin Anna, who has been visiting, I now know that I am related to this:

We don't know who they are, but they're in with a bunch of family photos. So apparently they are related to us and are just as pissed about it as we are. Anyone noticing a resemblance will cause me to lock myself in a closet for the rest of my life.

In other Linguini news, things are so boring around here that even eating vegetables has been forced into competition mode.

For the official record, we decided size doesn't matter
-- in eating corn, anyway.

To make sure everything else was equal,
we had identical judges monitor each contestant.

It became the judges' call to decide if actually swallowing the corn was required before declaring a winner, since there is one of us around here who stores food in his mouth like a chipmunk and feeds it into his mouth gradually during the course of the evening.

and that person is NOT Dark Garden.

And some people know not to even try to
compete in anything requiring eating fast.

The next day the weekend's festivities were brought to a screeching halt by the evil corn fritters of death which spit fire on the pure of heart. You may or may not want to view this, so I put it on Flicker:

Let's just say Sisiggy won't be doing much knitting for awhile.


Photos from the second security cam have been developed:


jagosaurus said...

Oh your hands! I'm so sorry.

Leslie Shelor said...

Dang, girl, that's gotta hurt! The hands, I mean. The relatives look like many of the pictures in our albums. Especially certain, uh, anatomical features and high belt lines.

ericah64 said...

Gourds! Your poor hands and forearms! Soooo sorry about that.

White Trasherati said...

Oh my god, girl, I didn't know you were HURT. I thought we scared you off. Emergency room? Aloe? How are you taking care of that very painful looking injury? Can I help, uh, knit, or something?

And I refuse to believe that Dirtman hoards food in his cheeks like a chipmunk because he couldn't stand to not talk that long, and is too polite to talk with his mouth full...

zib said...

OH NO!! Poverina! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

happy and blue 2 said...

Did your hands get all messed up from the food or that old family picture..

benning said...

Y'know, they make spoons for stirring things in boiling hot oil. Just thought you ought to know, sisiggy!

Gad! Hope your mitts are feeling better!

So older generations were Chapeau Challenged. It's alright. You can get better!


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ouch! I don't wanna be you right now. I mean both the pic and the hands.

Maybe you should change name to Sighsighy...

As the hungry monster I am, I stay clear from those kind of competitions, since I know I'm the ├╝ber monster and no one stands a chance, I dont want to make them sad.

Or maybe it's because I want all the food myself.

heh8darkcorn said...

I speak:

I won the corn eating. Fair and square. Dirtman did his best.

I scared my brother and made my sister laugh... This is the only reason I'm here.

I took live action shots of Sis immediately following The Burn... I haven't seen them... I may have messed them up.

I would like to participate in a skin-graft eating contest with Dirt and Capt. Jurgen... if they'll have me.

I didn't take the gnome... I was getting a pedicure.

I am through here.






I I I I I I!!!!!





AdriftAtSea said...

Ouch... not good... looks really painful... and are you sure you're not hiding in the middle of that family photo? Just kidding, about the photo that is.

mrhaney said...

some of these photos are so funny. thanks for sharing them with us.