Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wait! Mamma K, before you leave!

Mamma K, Dah-ling, are you sure you can leave me alone on the east coast with this woman?

Is this a woman who can properly attend to all the needs of the Zsa Zsa? When the Zsa Zsa's personal servant, Fed Ex, came to drop off the Zsa Zsa's beauty treatment (not that the Zsa Zsa needs a beauty treatment, you understand, Dah-ling...), that woman yelled at the Zsa Zsa's servant.

Just because he opened the gate and let those filthy Parson...Corpuscle...things...out. And just because that Gaspode monster held up traffic on Route 11.

That woman is just too nouveau riche to know one must be understanding of one's servants, even when it requires the aid of three drunk rednecks screaming, "I GIT 'EM, HONEY!" and running around the road causing the beast to run even further away until a kindly neighbor opened her car door and the traitor hopped in like he deserved the right to Buh-Byes In The Car.

Of course, the Zsa Zsa would never participate in such a vulgar display.

But Mamma K, Dah-ling, you might want to rethink your travel plans, considering the value to you -- and mankind -- of the Zsa Zsa.

Well, I suppose you must leave the Zsa Zsa. Please have a safe trip and make sure you come back, Dah-ling, to your precious Zsa Zsa, if you know what's good for you.


MammaK said...

Oh Zsa's! I have to go and visit my God son. You know David, remember you use to live with him? Well he is in the Marine's now defending our country. Never fear dahling, I'll be back on Tuesday.

Jagosaurus said...

Um ... nevermind.

sisiggy said...

Yeah, Jag, like you don't pretend to make your cats talk...


You don't.

Jagosaurus said...

Exactly. They're cats.

What I was basically going to say earlier -- although this doesn't really convey it -- is that y'all crack me up.

Leslie Shelor said...

Pretend to make the dogs talk....? Mine communicate VERY well!

White Trasherati said...

I think Rudy would offend the Zsa Zsa's tender sensibilities. Or teach her to drink beer.
She's purty, that Zsa Zsa.