Monday, May 08, 2006

One Reason I Don't Watch A Lot of TV

So I’m watching TV last night.

Yes, I was.

Okay, I was really knitting. I’ve been trying to keep more “in touch” with things, so I watched TV while messing with the cables in the vest.

I tried to watch a documentary about Gregory Peck on PBS, but it turned out to be ages old and all the interviews were with dead people acting like they were still alive and talking like Gregory Peck was still alive. Honestly, how long has Lee Remick been dead? So, nothing new here.

Fell back on West Wing/Law & Order, which were the last shows that I ever watched regularly. I’d stopped watching when West Wing was cancelled since all I figured all they were doing is wrapping up the story lines. And I’d stopped Law & Order when Vincent D ‘Onfrio was only on every other week and his character started acting normal.

So I’m watching and this commercial comes on. I don’t know what it was for (Madison Avenue, take note), but it was something about cars.

The premise of the commercial was how much fun it is to just drive around. No argument there. But the tag line they used was, “What if you got in the car and only made left turns?” And goes on to show all the amazing things that you would see and would happen to you.

At first I though it was a joke, because any idiot knows that if you get in a car and only make left turns YOU WOULD TRAVEL IN A CIRCLE.

Most people would only go around their block. Around here, though, I’d be circling the post office and passing the same houses I see every day over and over.

And this is why TV is so annoying to me. How many degreed and over-paid executives screened that commercial? And none of them figured this out?

Editor’s Note: Sisiggy has remained faithful to one show, Monk. But it’s easier to for her to just buy the whole season on DVD and watch it at her leisure sans moronic commercials. Or she can just observe Heir 2 and get the same effect, only no murder.


Jagosaurus said...

I hate that damned commercial. and I love Law nad Order: CI. Are we related? I'm beginningotthink we are.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Many times you don't even know what the commercials is about and surely that must be very bad commercials, because isn't the meaning of it that you shall get to know what product you ought to go out and buy?

I don't watch TV any more, I'm blogging instead, because there is simply too much crap that I don't want to waste my precious life time with.

OK, sometimes some documentary or something on the discovery channel can reach out to me, but very seldom.

I actually wrote a post about it some time ago:

John said...

Me, I'm a couch potato with no time for TV :-( Sucks, huh? My solution is to tape my shows and watch them later where I can skip the commercials. That way I ALWAYS get to see MONK, then I buy the DVD and watch it again :-)

Tony Shaloub is a freakin comedic genius!!

Spicy McHaggis said...

Hey, it's only minor OCD for me..... I hope.