Monday, May 01, 2006

Ham and mold and toddler possession

There seems to be some anxiety over this picture. More specifically...


Everyone is concerned that I fed my toddler a slab of ham as big as his head. However, since my brain has done a file dump regarding when this was taken and why, I am more concerned about this:

Sure, on one end it look like spinach rotini, but on the other end...? More like a moldy pupa, the recipe for which I can no longer find.

But Jag was more concerned about Barney, sitting innocently beside Joe. So I zoomed in on him.

And then we found this negative

Should I be concerned?

Editor's Note: We will take PhotoShop away from Sisiggy if she does not stop playing with old family pictures and begins writing again. We are aware that this is a shabby substitute for blogging.


Jagosaurus said...

I knew it! Barney is evil. Eeeeeeeevil!

(Photoshop, however, is awesome.)

Katrina said...

I knew there was something sinister about Barney. My guess: that purple dinosaur was sent to take over our kids' brains and turn them against us, so that when we're old and feeble, they can force us to eat moldy pupae.

White Trasherati said...

The pupae molded because they weren't cooked long enough, obviously. You can always claim that someone ELSE brought them to the party and kept pressing them on folks all "No, you'll love them, trust me, just TRY them" and everybody did just to be polite and then they went mad and sprouted fangs.

(Hey, you're the one who suggested "lots and lots of espresso")

Lifecruiser said...

As the hungry food monster I am, I just found these photos ADORABLE ;-)

Lifecruiser said...

Pssst. We're making Love at our blog, at least in the post from third May - aren't you the slightest curious???