Sunday, April 30, 2006

Housing Update (for you, White Trasherati)

This is for White Trasherati, who brought me to task last week for dragging my heels on building my new house.

So I got busy.

I painted the library. (no, it's not pink. It's beige, I tell you, beige.)

Then went out and poured the patio (pay no attention to those men)

and put the stone on the front of the house (Dirtman, of course, insisted on inspecting it).

The I painted my office and put up the drywall in the basement.

I spent the rest of the day working on the deck.

There, WT, can I relax for tonight? (if I promise flooring, painting and decking will be done this week?)


Jagosaurus said...

Oooohhhhh ... you must be tired. Things are looking good.

Lifecruiser said...


My, you're a fast worker, can I hire you?

There you see, you have to do it yourself to get something done ;-)

MammaK said...

Very impressive!!!! When we build our house you're hired!!!!!!

sisiggy said...


I cannot stress this enough.


(You've agreed to build? Have you learned nothing from these pages, Grasshopper?)

White Trasherati said...

Nicely done, Sisiggy, nicely done. Now I'll buy you a REALLY good bottle of wine, since you've proved you're not a slacker.
And that's the pinkest beige I've ever that to ensure the Heirs stay the hell out of that room?

MammaK said...

Calm down Sisiggy, Calm down!!!!!
I've agreeded to nothing.
How can I? I can't even decide as to when to retire!!!!
Don't worry we'll talk before I do anything. :-)))