Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Topper only pawn in game of life...

Topper sad.

Da Mama mad at Topper.

Topper ate dinner. Da Mama dinner. Da puppies' dinner. Da Dirtman's dinner.

No be mad at Topper, I tell Da Mama. Topper share. Share with Salt. Share with Pode. Share with Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa tell Topper, "Topper see the nice meat? Topper get the nice meat for The Zsa Zsa, Dah-ling!"

The Zsa Zsa call Topper "Dah-ling" cuz I am her special friend. Topper good friend to Zsa Zsa. Good boy, Topper! Topper get nice meat for Zsa Zsa.

Now Topper has to "go lie down, Topper" cuz Da Mama mad. Da Mama call Topper "that dog." No bonies for Topper. No Snausages for Topper. Topper go lie down and be sad. Topper be sad and not feel so good.

Da Mama say, "What's that smell?"


Da Mama look at me! Da Mama looked at me! Look at me , Da Mama! See? Topper good boy! Topper feel much better now.

Da Mama say, "Out!" and open door for the Topper.

"Everybody! Out!" Da Mama say and we all go out, me and Zsa Zsa and Pode and Salt. We go out and play and oops and feel better.

But Da Mama still mad cuz she say, "Everybody go lay down" when we come in. Topper good boy. Topper go lay down. Zsa Zsa not go lay down. No! Zsa Zsa follow Da Mama.

So Topper sad.

No kisses for Topper.

No bonies for Topper

No Snausages. (sigh)

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John Boy said...

I have a hunting dog. Do you think he could be in a show some time?