Tuesday, January 17, 2006

House Update

Here is a housing update, for those who are interested.

To be honest, every time Dirtman suggests I go out to the lot to see the progress being made, I feel like I’m visiting someone else’s house. This can’t be in my future. I keep waiting for the punch line or the catch: Yes! This house is yours, but…

Come March we will be entering year three since we began this project. Dirtman doesn’t like to count the time between deciding where to build and actually signing the papers, but I think it counts since that was when the check writing began. And, while everyone we talk to nods their head knowingly, I don’t think they appreciate exactly how often we were held up along the way.

So it’s been like those dreams you have (well, I have, anyway) where you’re about to get the one thing you desire the most and you’re about to get it and about to get it and about to get it…and then you wake up.

It truly is a sort of dream. This new house is so far removed from anywhere Dirtman and I have ever lived at any point in our lives. And while, for us, what we call luxuries are actually the status quo for many, we can’t help but imagine how much better it will be when we have them. Like not having to share a desk and computer. Can you imagine a company requiring two different departments to share one desk and one computer? Or having a master bathroom. A garage connected to the house. Enough room that when the kids have friends over we aren’t all crammed together in one room.

I could go on and on, but instead, here is a pictorial update of the house that was delivered oh so long ago:

Finally, a house with a bay window. Installed.

And now I present Sisiggy's future lair. My office/studio/sewing room:


happyandblue2 said...

It will be nice when it's completed. But if you don't hurry up and finish it you'll end up just selling it to move into an old folks home,tee,hee..

Rainypete said...

Blimey those are some swanky digs. Sadly, even in their incomplete state they are better than my current hovel. I completely get the need for more sapce as with 2 kids a dog and a wife, our poor little house is soon to develop stretchmarks. I asked at the home depot for stretch mark reducing cream for the sidign but they just laughed and sent me to the drugstore where I was asked to leave. Life is so confusing.

mrhaney said...

that is one good looking house you have there.i bet you both want it so bad you can taste it. it is always good to have a dream. it is what keeps us going.it does not have to be as big as a house but big dreams are usually harder to attain but more satisfying. it is especially good when most around you tell you it is impossible because once your dream turns in to reality then you can just look at them and smile, no words are needed. good luck to you and have a great day. thanks for dropping by my blog.