Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Night to Remember

Thank you! Thank you, Dah-lings!

The Annual Celebration of All That is Zsa Zsa was, as always, a spectacle to behold! It always amazes me that a world that cannot agree on government or religion can somehow come together and forget their differences, all in the name of honoring The Zsa Zsa.

The Zsa Zsa so enjoys watching your species dress up in funny hats and cram themselves onto city streets, singing of The Zsa Zsa, praising The Zsa Zsa, and drinking to The Zsa Zsa’s health. Over it all atop the big tower, sits the disk with a picture of the Zsa Zsa, all glittering and glowing. (Of course, we of the canine persuasion cannot make out such detail on the television, but what else would be on the glowing ball but a picture of the honoree of the evening?)

I think it is poor planning that, when the festivities are just at their peak, when all are in a frenzy to celebrate the wonderfulness of The Zsa Zsa, they take the ball down and end it all. It’s rather abrupt, if you ask me, and perhaps I shall have to speak to next year’s planners about that. The glowing ball should stay aloft, a glimmering tribute to The Zsa Zsa. Then, as people tire and head for their beds so they can go to sleep and dream about The Zsa Zsa, then may the glowing ball be lowered in a solemn ceremony of blessing for The Zsa Zsa.

And so, for old times’ sake (not that old, Dah-lings…), let us lift our voices in the traditional song of January 1: Annual Day of Celebration of All That Is Zsa Zsa:

Should e’er the Zsa Zsa you forget

And never bring to mind

I’ll nudge your elbow, spill your drink

I’ll nudge you in the spine.

I’ll goose you in the tush, my dear

If Zsa Zsa you ignore

You must worship Zsa Zsa’s name

Or suffer ever more!


Spicy McHaggis said...

Don't take this the wrong way mom, but you need to get out more.....

happyandblue2 said...

All hail the Zsa Zsa.
I need to get out more too..