Saturday, December 31, 2005

Scranton's last day

I gave up trying to download pictures our last day. The wireless internet at the hotel wasn’t strong enough to let me read blogs, let alone post.

Dirtman and I spent the day antiquing while John Boy, Dark Garden, Heir 2 and Twin Progeny 1 got in another day skiing.

Heir 1 stayed in the hotel with Twin Progeny 2, who was not injured at all.

Alert*Alert* Alert* Alert* Alert* Alert* Alert* Alert* Alert

Unless you are really into vintage stuff or yarn the following will be abysmally boring. I apologize ahead of time and promise to return to being humorous and pithy another day.

I added to my collection of Forest Green glass and my new collection of old candy tins.

There were forest green wine glasses that I passed up at Carriage House Antiques in Clarks Summit, Pa., just in case anyone is interested.

And then…then…almost as an afterthought, we found a yarn store on a back road in Clarks Summit, called, appropriately, The Summit Yarn Shop. Little tiny house. I didn’t hold out much hope for finding anything and prepared to make a mere courtesy purchase (you know, you go into a shop where nothing is going on and buy a pack of gum just to be polite). But this little house was crammed with yarn! This color drew me right to it.

Then, just as I was about to check out with my lilac yarn, I heard something coming from a cupboard off to the side. Why, it was my name! Someone…-thing…was calling my name! It knew me, recognized me! It loved me. How could I leave it there?

That’s silk. One hundred percent pure silk. Okay, as Spencer Tracey said about Katherine Hepburn, “There’s not a lot but what’s there is choice." I don’t usually do scarves, but I’ll make an exception in this case. This stuff absolutely shimmers and the drape, “like budduh.”

Dirtman, for his part, found a partners’ desk with room for both his computer and to work on plats from either side. We found it at Carriage House Antiques where there were some forest green wine glasses that I passed up. I think I could have furnished my whole house from the place (had I a house to furnish…) Yes, a little pricey, but beautiful. So we sold Heir 1 and it’s ours!

Dirtman will have to return with a friend of ours who has a truck to pick it up. It’s cheaper than having them deliver and, perhaps while he is there, he can view the forest green wine glasses in the cupboard in the third upstairs room.

We decided on a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Even though I was tired, I agreed to go with
the stipulation that everyone else give the chopping guy the feedback required. Not that I’m jaded, but I was really tired.

We had to wait to get in so while we were standing there Dark Garden decided to help out at the coat check room.

I was too tired to clap for the flaming onion (though some were more impressed than others...) or the steaming onion. I was too tired to catch the shrimp in my mouth.

And, thank goodness Twin Progeny 1 had the good grace to be nearsighted because I was too tired to focus enough to tell them apart.

The next morning we took off early, already planning another skiing foray a little closer to home. It won't be for another month or so, but it may take that long to plan it.

Editor's Note: For an overall wrap up of the whole trip, here's a view by Dark Garden, who actually skiied on the skiing trip.


happyandblue2 said...

Love the pictures. And the wool is great. For wool. Did you know that wool comes from sheep. Fascinating, I know.
Anyways, glad you are having a good time on the trip. Happy New Years..

Dark Garden said...


You just had to do it, didn't you?

The glassware wasn't enough?

Dark Garden said...
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