Thursday, December 01, 2005

We've finally run out of dogs

Oh, all right then. You win.

I’ll let the other Aussie post something. After all, The Zsa Zsa realizes it’s the holiday season, the spirit of giving and all that.

But you may be building up the other Aussie’s blogging capabilities beyond what he is able to deliver. But, then, don’t say I didn’t warn you …

So now, Dahlings. (Sigh) Here’s Topper.

Topper here. Pet the Topper. Topper good boy. Topper like Snausages.

Topper like da bones. Da Mama gets da bones. Topper takes da bones, all da bones. Take Salt bone. Take Pode bone. Take Zsa Zsa bone. All bones for Topper…


Excuse me, a moment. Move over you big ape.

Now. See what I mean, dahlings.? Do you really need to hear anymore? No? Good! Have at it, Topper!


Topper back. Topper has an itch. Topper scratch. Topper happy now.

Topper go outside. Go outside get the bones. Topper bury the bone. Happy Topper bury bones.

Time go inside. Jump on door. Topper jump on muddy door. Lot of Topper mud on muddy door. Let Topper in. Topper good boy.

Find the Salt. Chew on Salt. Topper chew on Salt. Da Bones! Topper go outside! Topper get da bones! Da Mama let Topper outside get bones. Oooo, da Mama yell at da Topper. Say, "In or out, Topper." Topper say, "Yes!" Topper go outside get...


Now that is why I didn't let Topper on the blog, dahlings. Next time listen to The Zsa Zsa. The Zsa Zsa always knows what's best.

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