Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I feel vindicated!

Dirtman says I lack a sense of humor, says I'm too uptight to laugh, too "Yankee" to appreciate the subtleties of Southern humor to realize how truly great it is.

But now I am vindicated. Netscape's poll proved that the most irritating holiday song is:



happyandblue2 said...

That song is irritating but I just heard one the other day about peeing on Santa that is pretty darn close..

jon said...

The mention of that song made me flinch as if instinctively trying to dodge a rock that had been hurled at me. The barking dogs' Jingle bells is annoying, but yet still makes me smile.

Dark Garden said...

This is gonna be sweet.

SOUTHERN HUMOR!.... Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Southern humor is giving the wimpy kid on the wrestling team a wedgy. Southern humor is redneck xmas jokes (too numerous to bore you with here). Southern humor... please forgive me... is ... Oh... gosh... I hate this... GET-R-DONE!!!

Oh yes.... all that is so subtle. Like a babies breath in a hushed perfect garden in twilight.

I wish the reindeer wiped out the rest of the family.