Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Atlas Shrugged...

and went to the head of the line

I filed this tidbit in my "Why does this come as a surprise?" file: Disney World is noticing a problem with rich people hiring the handicapped to gain access to the front of lines for popular rides and attractions.

This report, from the New York Post, documents "upper-crust Manhattan moms" paying $130 an hour to a scooter-bound handicapped woman to use her disability to gain special access for her and her "family." The article goes on to describe a package offered by tour company that, if one knows to ask, will provide a "tour concierge" and quotes one mother as saying, "This is how the one percent does Disney."

The Disney organization* is investigating the practice and is "taking the appropriate steps to  deter this activity" blah, blah, blah..."

What I'm wondering is why everyone is so outraged at the practice. Isn't this a perfect example of using resources available to you to solve a problem? Just because everyone can't afford it, why should the practice be discontinued?

Okay, so the handicapped lady isn't really "family;" she's at least a friend...for so long as you're willing to pay $130. That's called entrepreneurship.

And what a wonderful way to teach children early on that wealth has its privileges and wah-wah-wah get over it.

Here's your Ayn Rand thinking, people! And you whiners on the budget plan waiting in line three hours? Well, maybe if you'd worked as hard as the one percent at...waiting for your inheritance check...or marrying into'd be zipping to the front too.

And can someone tell my why we can see the unfairness of this practice, but we still withhold basic necessities to the poorest in our society based on the same argument?

*I think I deserve a pat on the back for not launching into my usual anti-Disney tirade. Usually in any Disney-related story this in inevitable, but this time I really couldn't fault them, since I can say I've heard firsthand that they treat honestly handicapped guests very well. That doesn't change the fact that they've hijacked our culture, warped our history and took over Broadway, not to mention the marketing machine they've become...



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