Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Geeks Texting

Between me, at work, and Heir 1, at home:

Me: Would you put Hokie in his pen and let all the dogs out, please? And take out the garbage. And, ummm...the front lawn? Oh! And move the house a little to the left.

Heir 1: I did everything you asked, but when I tried to move the house there was a temporal distortion and I went back in time 2 hours.
The past sucks!

Me: I'm pretty sure I'm the only one to ever receive a text with the phrase "temporal distortion" in it.

Heir 1: I'm sure that's how Jonathan Frakes gets out of doing laundry.


Darkgarden said...

Why doesn't "Number 1" do his laundry?

No... Its not a joke. I was just wondering why he doesn't, and how you know he doesn't... do his laundry.

Sisiggy said...

Have you ever seen him do his laundry?

Darkgarden said...

Look at him. You can TELL he does his laundry, because his wife doesn't do it up to par.

I took a look at Genie Francis-Frakes to be sure. I could tell right away she was a female; thus, she doesn't do his laundry correctly.

I tried to call Jonathan, but he wouldn't take my calls.

I tried to call Genie a number of times as well. Apparently the restraining order is some sort of way to tell me to knock it off. The officers couldn't answer my question either about the laundry... and my boss upped my workload again.

Sisiggy said...

I'm telling you -- look at him. This is a man who has never done laundry, yet has figured out a way that laundry gets done without his actual doing of said laundry.

Note the perfectly trimmed hair. I agree -- she doesn't either and never had to.

These are people who are in a perpetual state of having done laundry.

As for the rest: it's the natural progression.