Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perhaps her Grranimals looked suspicious...

I saw this last night and by this evening it had hit the national press.

I've read about children being frisked by TSA before and I, as everyone else, had my "tsk, tsk" moment.



When you see, raw and unedited, an innocent six-year-old being searched (however gently and professionally), "tsk, tsk" turns into this horrible knot in your stomach that tells you your government has just crossed a really, really obvious honkin' big, red, glowing, flashing line and, with all due respect, needs to ask itself, "What the hell are we doing?"

And before the "Remember 9/11" contingent chimes in, let's remember one thing -- we know what the stakes are now. No one with a box cutter is ever going to take over a plane again. The days of acquiescing to hijackers is long gone. Scissors, screwdrivers, knitting needles, kitchen knives -- as big a baby as I am, I'll risk a boo-boo if it means my plane won't go down. I'm sure an entire plane-load of people would feel the same way.

So we are left with six-year-olds being traumatized false sense of security for any idiots who might be flying that day and perhaps even for those who honestly think this is making them any safer? me here -- I'm at a loss.

I would make some kind of ethical stand like, "As long as this practice goes on, I'm never going to fly." But flying anywhere has been off our activity list for awhile now for financial reasons. Let's just say that if I could fly, I wouldn't fly so nanny, nanny boo boo.

Flying has gotten to be such a chore anyway and, even before all the TSA restrictions, was an experience one tiny step up from being a heifer on a 19th century cattle car.

I expect this will be on Jon Stewart tonight, though he's gonna have to go a long way to make this funny.


Darkgarden said...

The government has gone completely bananas. Our quest for being the world’s watch dog, leader (in our own opinion!), role-model (yeah right) and all around Dudley-Do-Right is a bunch of bunk.

I would like to know what the hell we’re so afraid of. Call a spade a spade and strip search that f .. Ok.. its not my blog.. I’ll behave… Call it like you see it, and perhaps pay a little more attention to suspicious looking foreign persons.

Can’t do it though. Profiling.

You want to know how out of hand these political fanatics are getting? Here’s a small one for you: In our state, for every citation that is issued (by law enforcement), that officer is supposed to fill out a page long form about how he/she did not profile the person that is being summonsed.

Heaven forbid that the jaggo… sorry… that the security personnel have to take advantage of their directives too. Sure there’s going to be a few in every bunch, but we’ve seen way too many incidents akin to the one described in this blog (and being blasted all over the current news).

This concept just really gets me going in a lot of directions at once, and I have to be very careful what I write here. I wanted to add something to Sis’s blog though.

Does it (the searching incident) have to go this far? Get this out of hand? Review the fu … Review the directive, amend it, fire the jaggof… fire the misinformed security guard and move on!

Fly the friendly skies.

Remember that?

Well no more, baby. Thanks a shit load there Mohammed Ak Bufuckme!
(DOH! Sorry Sis.. It slipped. Understand if you delete it. People actually read your blog! LOL)

Sisiggy said...

Did you know (or can you confirm, because this is one of those over-the-top claims that seem a little too over-the-top)that TSA can only search under the head garb of Muslim women? I read that on what I consider to be a pretty reputable, balanced blog, but I can't find any sort of confirmation of that anywhere else.