Sunday, October 10, 2010

You know you're old when...

You have to scan in your wedding photos because there was no such thing as a digital camera back when you were married.

You know you've been married a long time when people look at your wedding pictures and say, "Oh, my God!"

We used to look a lot like our wedding photos; then we looked just a little more mature than our wedding photos; now it's tough to convince people these really are our wedding photos.

Nevermind. We've toughed it out through as much muck as can be thrown at a couple, so don't tell me the institution of marriage doesn't work. It's just that people expect of marriage things it was never meant to do. And then, when it breaks their hearts or forces them to grow in ways they never intended, they get scared and run.

So there we are, 23 years ago -- and countless pounds gained, lost and regained since (our glasses alone had to weigh 20 pounds back then...).

So, Happy Anniversary, Sparkey, from Sister Ingnatius Toyota of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion.


Gwynne said...

You guys are beautiful, then and now! Happy anniversary!! Is Dirtman really that much taller than you, or is he standing on a box, in the photo where you look like a doll?

Sisiggy said...

Thank you...and, yes -- I'm five feet tall and Dirtman is 6'2". I wore ballet slippers for my wedding because I was positive I'd trip and fall off anything higher.

...and you're being kind. My kids say I look like a Stepford Wife getting goosed in the rear.