Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Benadryl-induced Post

I suppose I'm writing this into the ether. There can't possibly be anyone left out there...

I have no burning issue to discuss. I only offer this by way of an update.

It almost hurts to come back here, to this blog where I've mostly expressed my adventures in being a homemaker and mom. Perhaps I came across as smug about my roles, it was unintentional. Yet, I must have. I have a few people who have more or less told me "So there -- now you know what it's like to have to work for a living." Because -- you know -- frugally maintaining a home and raising two boys to be assets to society is totally not work...

I notice a lot of people when their circumstances change this drastically start a new blog with a different tone or stop completely. Besides, blogs are rather passe' these days, what with Facebook and all. (I'm afraid I'm a little too wordy for Facebook, though I do have a page.)

Instead, I will continue on with Linguini -- if only to keep myself honest. So I won't edit my past by deleting what I was, though life these days bears very little resemblance to the future I thought I was aiming for five years ago.

Believe me, the domestically-inclined, introverted Sisiggy is still here. Only she's been dragged out of her nest and forced to pretend she's a perky extrovert. And she's waiting for the much-talked-about moment when "acting like" becomes an actual part of her personality.

Ohh -- this became way darker than I intended.

Let me just say that I do have a very good job and I work with very nice people. The Volunteer Farms continue to be on the up-and-up ethically and financially and, while I might not quit (can't afford to), I would not be sharing its links and "friending" the organization on Facebook if it were otherwise.

Okay. Enough. So on with the newly-updated Sisiggy, the working woman; the (gulp) perky extrovert. This Sisiggy is forced to use lots and lots of exclamation points! She has cornered the market in exclamation points used in e-mails! Because she is an extrovert! And she's very, very perky!!!!!!


Gwynne said...

I subscribed to you on a reader so as not to miss this much anticipated revival!!! (extra exclamation pts for you) I hope and pray that having to pretend to be perky and extroverted doesn't take its toll on you as it did me. And having just taken the inverse turn in life, from career woman to full-time wife and mom/grandma, let me say the work you did for years is much harder (but also more important)!!!

jagosaurus said...

!!!!! <- in solidarity.

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: Harder, but infinitely more rewarding. I mean really: how does someone come to the conclusion that they are too "important" to pull weeds and must be allotted the all-impressive position of potato-picker? How does someone justify that dialogue in their mind?

jag: I know the emotional toll each and every one of those keystrokes took upon your soul.

Trasherati said...

I've missed you terribly, and wondered how the other job was working out.
How's Joe finding things in Roanoke?

Oh, and !!!!...right behind you and Jag.

Gwynne said...

Rewarding, yes!!!! And yet...the job you're doing now at least serves a very basic human need and that too is pretty cool. I mean, it didn't take me long to realize that the world would be no worse off without accountants, so my career never felt like it served a greater good. If I lived closer, I'd sign up for weed's what I've been training for all my life. :-)

Leslie Shelor said...

I've been pretending perky and extroverted for a long time, but it's all an act. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really getting away with it!!!!!

Sisiggy said...

Trasherati: Joe is doing wonderfully at Roanoke, though he's finally got classes where he's no longer coasting -- that freaked him out for awhile. (The sacrifice of further exclamation points has been encouraging.)

Gwynne: Still, I give you credit for Intent to Pull Weeds. And, yeah, the volunteers are always telling us what a wonderful thing we're doing and I always remind them we do get a paycheck. I really do admire my volunteers, especially the ones who come every week, rain or shine, rock pickin' or weed pullin' or the "glamorous" picking of vegetables.

Leslie: Sorry Leslie. Your reluctance to type every one of those exclamation points was felt by us all.

Darkgarden said...

ROFL! I don't know how I missed this one. (I stopped blogging and looking at blogs for awhile there too though.)

Your blog... Its how I feel every fucking day walking out the door in the morning! (note my exclamation points... I love them... and I use them appropriately for my feelings!!!)