Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday is Spot-On day

Gotta promote my day job, ya know.

I carefully considered what I was going to write on this week. You can thank Dirtman for the fact that I wrote about this and not what was really on my mind...

(Off topic: Gwynne sent me ham and suet for my birthday! We need to honor this in typical Linguini fashion, don't we, Dark Garden? I mean: ham and suet. It's like she knows what gift items to combine for maximum enjoyment!)


Gwynne said...

"in typical Linguini fashion"?

Uh-oh. (8-O

*peeking again over at DG's latest music video torture"

Darkgarden said...

I'll bet ole' Mutant Birdoo would like some suet.

We can rock on some swine though!