Saturday, June 06, 2009

Swan songs and Pomp and Circumstance non-stop

Many people are deceived by the simplicity of the triangle as an instrument. It's too easy to write off the importance of and talent required to sit through an entire piece of music waiting for two triangle hits, looking totally engaged, and deliver a performance whose simplicity masks the skill and practice required to accomplish.

The Master's Hands

There are good triangle players and there are poor triangle players. Heir 2 is known in these parts as the Yo Yo Ma of the Triangle. And certainly his performance at last night's graduation ceremony -- his final high school band performance -- brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience.

Oh. And Caisee did something too.

(Actually Caisee got up there and belted out the Star Spangled Banner all by herself in a nail-biting performance that had us swearing she'd never be able to hit That Note -- but she did. What will Strasburg High School do without their house singer? Oh, and Caisee will put her talent to use in the future by becoming a doctor of forensics. Yes, I've tried to find the connection. Singing autopsies? I just print the facts.)

And now for some typical Linguini shots we've all come to expect:

Joe 'n' Gnate

Joe 'n' Dirtman

Just. Don't. Ask.

Centerpiece designed by Dark Garden*

*Some of you may recognize the this from way back when. Little by little all my old House That Shall No Longer Be Named projects are turning up from the bags where they were so hastily tossed. This is a particular favorite of DG's.


Gwynne said...

Oh! Where to start? That triangle shot is fabulous! Such intensity and passion! Go Yo Yo!! You've every right to be proud.

And the doll from the house of ill repute? Where did DG get that hair? I shudder to think. But as a centerpiece, what could be more appropriate for a graduation ceremony? (almost anything, I think)

As usual, you've provided the entertainment for the weekend. ;-)

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: Before you get the wrong impression -- the actual bust is just another step in making the doll. DG fished it out and created the plastic cup/paper napkin/doll head centrepiece. Just in case I had delusions of setting a nice table like normal people do. I forgot who I was for a second...
Don't worry -- the hair is wool roving from the sheep & wool festival. Heh!