Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Speaking of unfinished projects...

Some of you may recall this project started at The House That Shall No Longer Be Named (that we seem to be naming a lot lately -- I have a theory about that which I will share one of these days.). At the time I admitted to being the world's slowest knitter.

Well I'm not that slow -- Evening Breeze was finished well over a year ago and I've worn it several times. But, for the record, here's a brief jaunt down memory lane:


Winding the Yarn (not always easy around here, what with all the help)


Finished Product

Curious knitters can read the particulars on Ravelry. For the rest of you: Behold! I have finished a wearable sweater!


Gwynne said...

Knitting baffles me, like magic. The fact that your tank includes neck and arm holes is amazing...how did you do that?!?!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely! I haven't knitted in 20+ years. The best I could do was booties and "slippers" and scarves. I never could regulate the stitches well enough.
I am truly impressed!!

Leslie Shelor said...

Beautifully done! Winding the yarn like that is an adventure in itself!