Thursday, June 18, 2009

So here's the plan:

Today is my birthday and here is what I'm going to do:

I'm going to sit in my happy place.

I'm going to sit in my happy place and knit and drink Pelligrino.

I'm going to sit in my happy place, knit, drink Pelligrino and watch my birds. My birds.

I'm going to sit in my happy place, knit, drink Pelligrino, watch my birds

and tell them to shut up.

I may even dip into the semi-sweet chocolate chips, close my eyes and pretend I'm at Longwood Gardens. At the gazebo.

But I'll actually be in my happy place, knitting, drinking Pelligrino and watching my birds.

Unless, of course, it rains, in which case I'll be lying in a fetal position in my bed, reading a mindless mystery while snorking Redi-Whip from a can.



Gwynne said...

Enjoy your happy place!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! OTD

The Humble Servant said...

Happy Birthday! I will make sure and drink a few in your honor!

turtlegirl76 said...

Happy Birthday!

Sisiggy said...

Thank you, everyone!

(THS: I drank one in my honor too...)

The Humble Servant said...

True be told a drank a few in your honor!!

Darkgarden said...

Aye!!! Me too lass. Alas, I'm sorry you may have had your special day tainted by the fellow with no appendage who shall not be named here on thine blessed day.


(Author's note: Sis isn't bow-legged... It's just a fav of mine.)

Sisiggy said...

(Sisiggy is now all weepy, having never been drunk to in honor of before but, having checked out-- in spite of having consumed not only the aforementioned {to DG} birthday wine but a snort of some leftover dry vermouth -- the grammatical structure of her sentence in spite of it all, is now a puddle of goo. She is officially "touched" and is really embarrassed because she has always envisioned herself a tough old broad who would never be all sappy and weepy.

And it's true she's not bow-legged either, nor is she comfortable with anyone swimming through her legs, were they foolish enough to attempt it, given their {the legs'} sturdy Sicilian structure.