Monday, June 01, 2009

Lost in Lost River

John Boy was to arrive at Lost River State Park much earlier than the rest of us in order to go on a hike and then would meet us for a picnic.

A (sort of) direct quote from John Boy, after sitting a half hour in the general parking area while we had already set up the site and having arrived, via his car, after searching the whole park:

"I thought you'd probably leave a note or something on my windshield..."

"...but I got distracted."

Did I mention Linguinis have a focusing prob...

Oh, look! Zsa Zsa!


Gwynne said...

Is this the same John Boy who suffered the head injury? And thumb job?

How beauuutiful is Zsa Zsa!

Sisiggy said...

Confusing, isn't it?

No. John Boy is our older brother whose name is not John. We call him John Boy after John Boy Walton, who was the Uber-Walton, while all the other kids were auxiliary Waltons. John Boy was the Golden Boy of the Waltons as the Linguini John Boy, as first born, was for us.

See, our John Boy never went through a rebellious phase like most kids do; whereas I once wore a hippie headband to my friend's house and DG -- well, we're not even going to talk about his rebellious phase (we're still waiting for him to grow out of it...).

Now, though DG's real name might indicate that he would be John Boy, he and I know that we can never achieve JB's level of familial reverence.

Of course, all those people are dead now so the old JB worship has fallen off considerably.

Gwynne said...

Got it. I knew there had to be a good explanation.

Oooo, a hippie headband?! Did you also sew patches on your jeans? ;-)

Darkgarden said...

...and she had this gawdawful droopy felt hat w. shit on it! Like flair and such.

And please! Sis! You KNOW I'll never be growing out of anything in this human life. Too much friggin' fun and weirdness out there!

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: No. I wasn't allowed. Just the headband. Once. That was it. I rebelled and it was over.

DG: I forgot about the Snuffy Smith hat...and that stupid peace pin.

You don't have that set of photos, do you?

No. Those are on the slides in John Boy's Basement of Doom.


Gwynne said...

Heh. That's my kind of rebel. I had a headband also...mine was made of faux leather with plastic beads...very cool. But I never had the hat or jeans with flair... which I am making up for now. ;-)

Leslie Shelor said...

I had the hat....