Friday, May 15, 2009

The Snake Whisperer

Some Australian Shepherds herd sheep or other cattle. In competition they can herd ducks or geese.

But only Becca* herds snakes.

Becca's dad** said the confrontation ended in a draw.

*Zsa Zsa's second-born, Gnome Hill's Penny Lane.

**Thank you, thank you, thank you for the photos!


Meg said...

Awesome shots....what a herder! I bet ZsaZsa is proud (either that, or she's nattering on about how she could herd half a dozen snakes all at once, so just one snake is mere child's play....)

Sisiggy said...

Zsa Zsa is having her nails done. She says she's very proud of her "sister," claiming to be much too young to have had puppies. Don't dare mention this was her second litter -- she'll throw her martini in your face!