Saturday, May 23, 2009

I love work. I could watch it for hours...well, a half hour...

Pretty barren, huh?

Such is the plight of trying to establish a new garden area. First it has to be plowed, then disked a few times, all done when the ground is relatively dry and all done by a third party whose schedule understandably does not revolve around us. It's been so wet lately, today was the first day we could plant anything.

Rumor had it that even today's weather could not be relied upon and we almost scrapped plans to get all the plants in. But the sky stayed clear and we went ahead.


Actually, it was more like Dirtman getting the plants in and Zsa Zsa and I sitting in the shade watching. I'm still a little shaky after two days in bed and, while the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak (and flabby and white). As for Zsa Zsa -- well, you don't expect The Zsa Zsa to work, do you?

And I must confess that after awhile I went into the house, did dishes and then sat in my happy place and knit. Yeah. I did. While Dirtman sweated away in the field, I sat in the shade with a tall glass of ice water and knit (a project I will share some other day).

I offered real meat for dinner, but he was too hot and tired to digest anything so heavy. So tomorrow is real meat. Tonight features the last of this area's asparagus crop, hard boiled eggs and this conversation with Heir 1:

Me: Asparagus and eggs for dinner tonight.

Heir 1: Uhhhh....(Makes a face)

Me: It's perfect for a hot day.

Heir 1: That's not a dinner. It's a salad -- heated up. It's almost as bad as Spud Night.

Me: Other people have Spud Night.

Heir 1: Other people have Spud Lunch.

Me: Think of Spud Night as Chili Night with a potato under it.

Heir 1: (Makes another face).

Me: Oh, dear.

Heir 1: What?

Me: I think you need to find a new restaurant.

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Gwynne said...

Is it just perspective, or is that garden like the length of a football field? Maybe Dirtman should answer that question. ;-)

I'm sure you'll get your share of work when it comes time for weeding and maintenance...beware the rabbit!!