Monday, May 18, 2009

All in the way you look at things

Dirtman has many talents, but an aesthetic sense is not one of them -- as demonstrated by a recent entry on his blog regarding some sprucing up we've been doing outside.

For instance, let's take a look at one photo in particular.

Technically, it shows the flower box we planted and the flowers we planted around the birdbath. Are you seeing any of that? I'm seeing a big honkin' trench and the snow plow off the four-wheeler we no longer own.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining about the existence of the filled-in trench. Because of the trench, we now have well water and don't have to pay to get the cistern filled. And I know our landlord/neighbor will get this all raked down and planted with grass on both this property and the one he occupies as soon as he can -- he's always done things for us in a timely matter. Honest -- I'm lovin' the trench.

Not so much the snow plow...

Even so, I accept some things as the way they're going to be and I even accept the plow because the mockingbirds like to perch on it.

However, when you are trying to show people how nice you've made an area, it's a pretty good idea to try to shoot around any eyesores that can't be removed (though, truth to tell the snow plow can be removed, but far be it from me to mention the removal ability of said plow, being the accepting sort of person I am).

So, I present to you my view of our side yard makeover.

You will notice the added benefit of dog in this view, along with a
good shot of the peonies and our sitting area.
This is my Happy Place.*

View from my office window

So, you see, with the proper perspective the trench doesn't have to appear in any photo and the snow plow definitely doesn't have to appear in any photo, especially if it wasn't in a place being photographed in the first place. And the addition of dog (Hokie) and peonies gives the presentation just the right amount of warmth so that you hardly notice the plow, though it is there, you know.

Use the zoom.
Love the zoom.
The zoom is your friend.
Especially if there's a plow in your side yard that you totally accept, but just want to point out to certain parties that it's there.

*Except for the fact that I can still see the snow plow, which I'm not complaining about due to my attitude of extreme acceptance.


Dirtman said...

Did you here the one about the ace photographer who forgot to return the charged battery to her camera before taking said camera to an antique glass show where she was going to take photos of pieces of glass she wanted to add to her collection?

Didn't think so.

Sisiggy said...

Sorry, I couldn't think straight due to this big honkin' PLOW outside my window...

turtlegirl76 said...

I think Dirtman quite missed the point.

Darkgarden said...

Ohhhhh... Hello Mr. Rabbit!

Gwynne said...

You could always look at the plow as a piece of sculpture and decorate it. Oh, look! A baby rabbit. ;-)

Dirtman and my husband share a lot in common on the aesthetic. Our back lawn is landscaped with ladders.

Leslie Shelor said...

I'm a past master of the artistic photo that avoids the junk, the dumpster, the weeds, the collapsed chicken house, the broken rabbit hutches.....

Sisiggy said...

turtlegirl: I know...he's such a guy.

DG: Just think "Beaster Bunny."

Gwynne: there's one of those back there too...sigh.

Leslie: Yeah, I'm good at shooting around dust bunnies too.