Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Barack and Kumar Go To (The) White House

Okay, Heir 2 and I were pretty ticked off with House* Monday night, but we knew something was up with Kal Penn since the writers did such a half-assed job of writing his character Kutner out of the series.

Honestly, do we really need Kumar in the White House?

*When you go to the House website, you might think that Kal Penn has died, instead of his character. I'm waiting for Fox to offer grief counseling.


José el Narcisista said...

How very odd..

Darkgarden said...

I also thought the actor-guy died, so immediately searched it out. Realized it was just the story-line extended to cause media hype, etc.

I didn't know anything about all this White House stuff until your blog; so now I know what you're talking about.

Now, that dark part of me wished he'd'a went ahead and pulled the trigger after all.
(Yeah yeah... I said it.)

On another note... That picture you linked... Is that Lt. Disher from Monk?

Sisiggy said...

DG: No, that's Doogie Howser. Apparently he's in the two Harold and Kumar movies (neither of which I've seen, but have been given detailed descriptions of from the Heirs).