Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Major Error

She has taken to stomping on my keyboard and causing the strangest reactions from my computer. Through some combination of footwork, twice she has caused it to fail to boot up. Dark Garden has taught me how to pull the system from this precipice, which I had to do myself this morning for the first time. When, at last, I brought the system back up, it greeted me with the message: "This system has recovered from a major error."

We just call her Whiskers.


a simple yarn said...

Looks more like a 'Boris' know, Russian spy...out to do damage...plot to overthrow's in the eyes.

Sisiggy said...

I thought I heard a sinister reference to "Moose and Squirrel!"

Darkgarden said...

(Dark is parading around house, scantily clad, yelling...)

If it wasn't for Sherman and Peabody, many a kid would wet his pants before a commercial!!!!

(Now singing..yelling...)

This is the world of Commander McBragg!!!...

OHHH!!! Get me to da' beach sis!!!!

Gwynne said...

Whiskers looks very SMUG. She's capable of much worse. You've been spared. If not for cats, there would be no interwebz at all. ;-)

Sisiggy said...

DG: Thanks for the visual cue. I'm going to go gouge my eyes out now.

Gwynne: We know she's plotting. It's just a matter of time now.