Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone: A collective sigh...

...of relief, that is. Or bliss.

Heir 2's college is paid for with a scholarship as long as he maintains at least a 3.3 average.

We knew he'd be able to attend with financial aid -- and if worst came to worst, student loans (in his name, of course. We'd be no help to him in that department...).

But I know it was important to him that any monetary help he receives, he receives on merit, not because he's got a sob story or because he was "lucky" enough to be born to parents who screwed up (my words, not his).

He's already in contact with his computer professor and it's a little sad to see his high school days winding down.

And as of the end of April, I'll have no more "children" at home.

Not officially, anyway...


Trasherati said...

Woot! And Heir 1 doesn't qualify as a "child" anymore? Or has he fled the basement?

Aaand...Heir 2 will kick a 3.3 GPA's ass. Easily.

How'd the forensics tournament go?

Sisiggy said...

Heir 1 is planning to move to New Orleans. Don't know why. Stuck a pin in a map and there it was: New Orleans. Besides, he'll be 21. No more child.

Forensics: He came in third or fourth (probably out of three or four), so about as he expected, though his goal was just not to have one of those embarrassing memories that stick in your brain for the rest of your life. And he succeeded in that.