Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everybody got the fever

The flu in February. Is this to be an annual thing?

I intended to do a Spot-on column about having the flu, only when I looked through my archives, I realized I'd done one already -- and posted it exactly one year ago. In it I mentioned that during the past 20 years, I'd only gotten the flu twice.

Now it seems to be an annual event.

Today is the first day since Sunday that I'm not running a fever, but now it's settled into being just a bad cold. This I can handle with Benadryl and Robitussin (I can't use any of those multi-symptom cold meds because it conflicts with my thyroid meds). And garlic soup (moaning from the ranks).

Zsa Zsa, my nurse, insists the only cure is to lick my knees. And put her head in my lap. And nudge my arm.

The rest of the canines around here are taking advantage of the fact that I'm not running the show. I woke briefly from a fever-induced nap to realize I was scrunched into a corner of the bed with dogs and cats curled all around me. Yesterday afternoon I caught a peek into the livingroom and there was Toppergetdown sprawled on my chair.

Well, Da Mama is back and I will be returning order to Linguiniland. much order as there ever was in Linguiniland...


Gwynne said...

Ugh. Do I dare say I haven't had the flu in years? I got my first flu shot this year, so this will be the year I get the flu. Sheesh...that's the last thing you need...get better soon!

Sisiggy said...

Same here until last year I got it for the first time in a looooong time. Now again. Though this year it's not lingering for weeks like last year. (Of course, last year I was off all my thyroid meds, so...)