Friday, January 16, 2009

Mystery bird revealed

This guy has been driving me crazy for over a month. He wouldn't tell me who he is and I could never find a photo that matched.

He is not actually as pudgy as in this photo, which kind of made it even harder for true birders to help me with identification. But it's winter and cold and he's perched on metal, so he's puffed up for warmth. Whenever I explained him to anyone their first answer was "female cowbird," which I knew he's definitely was not.

He seems to be the only one around -- though I'm sure spring will bring more of his kind -- and he absolutely loves the birdbath. He gets along well with others, even with the Bubba, the Blue Jay, who is a bit of a bully and a whole lot of a hog when it comes to peanuts.

Finally I Stumbled on a birding site that made another suggestion to my ambiguous "gray bird, white wing bars." Then I googled that suggestion, just to make sure.

He is a Northern Mockingbird.

I know. This is a "so what?" moment for most of you. But it just tickles me.

Oh, and also at the feeder --

The Red-bellied Woodpecker finally found the suet that's been over his head for two months now.
(That's a Goldfinch looking on.)

Now that he's found it, though, he absolutely won't leave. Bubba has come and gone (in a huff, I might add), I've gone out to get something out of my car parked not six feet away and still Red clings to the feeder, stuffing his face.

And, NO, I do NOT imagine they talk to me.


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