Monday, December 22, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

It’s so cold today, that all six dogs are in here at once.

Plus the cats.


It’s special.

This is the first time Abbey has been inside with everyone. She’s been in “confinement” for awhile and we tried to bring her out last week, but there was a little too much interest on the part of the terriers (who have no…um…powers). So, even though Hokie was just happy to see his playmate back and didn’t appear to have any further…expectations…we figured we’d give it another week.

This coincides with a day Dirtman and Heir 1 actually have work, so they’re gone today. Naturally this is good news (or will be if we get paid. He’s actually done a few jobs over the past few months, but getting paid is another problem. But we won’t go there right now…), but it does leave me with major canine juggling to do since I can’t leave them outside. Not only is it too cold today, but I know that if a dog starts barking nonstop, we’ll get blamed because everyone in the village knows we’re the house with six dogs. (It’s already happened once, according to Dirtman. Fortunately our landlord/neighbor stuck up for us and informed the “complainant” that none of our dogs is ever outside at night.)

So I try to rotate the crating of said dogs so no one is stuck in there for a huge amount of time. Then there is the regular airing, which I’m doing in three groups: Topper, Zsa Zsa, Abbey; Hokie and Gaspode; Salt, Topper and Hokie. Topper has to be both the first and last out because he feels that’s his job.

This allows for tons of photo ops, but Dirtman took the camera with him to take picture of…well, I’m not quite sure. As much as I appreciate the income, working with septic systems does not afford a whole lot you want preserved visually.

I ask you, what’s cuter? This:

Or this:


Gwynne said...

As septic pictures go, I imagine photo #1 is as cute as it gets, but #2 definitely wins on cuteness factor. Awww...poor fertile Abbey.

John said...
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John said...

what beautiful dogs! love that pic! We can't have can't have pets where we live (other than goldfish, and maybe parakeets), so I get pet cravings frequently.

Thanks for sharing!

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: You've made Dirtman very happy. He says he has lots more cute septic system pictures.
Sadly, he does.

John: Well, we didn't plan on keeping all six but, once again, the economy turned on us. And once you breed 'em, they're yours for life, so to speak, even if you adopt them out. We were really lucky to find a landlord who accepts our menagerie.