Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some really poor photos of a really great weekend

A wonderful weekend. Homemade apple dumplings:

I will never eat those frozen, reheated ones again. I've always been ambivalent about apple dumplings because my grandmother used to make them and, with all due respect, they weren't very good. And the frozen kind --- meh. There is the mass-produced kind you get at fairs, which are good for the venue, but unremarkable otherwise.

But freshly-made with a flaky pastry (as opposed to the industrial-strength pastries of the other aforementioned dumplings)? Oh. My.

I only ate one, though. All six disappeared in a household of four. Hmmm...

Which is why there is very little dumpling photography. They didn't hang around very long.



You have no idea how exciting it was to see this in the tree.

Red-bellied woodpecker

He hasn't built up the courage to come to the suet feeder yet, so Dirtman doubts his existence. That's why I took this hideous picture through both the window and the screen. To prove I'm not seeing things..

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see a new bird around.

Shut up
-- I do too have a life.

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Janie said...

Thanks. I've just been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Which means zero flour.

And you have to go post apple dumplings.

They look yummy!!;)