Thursday, November 06, 2008

Our fruitless labor

Just letting you all know that I know that I haven't posted in a few days, after having clogged up the ether with silly nonsense all weekend long.

I guess I've run out of steam. And, of course, you know that with Dirtman around, the air is filled with the election. We were both surprisingly ambivalent as to who won, but Dirtman loves the whole process, so it's been nothing but election coverage for several days now.

And me? I've been busy trying to slap together a "business" wardrobe, shooting out a resume to anyone who will accept it and then knitting. My job hunt would be almost comical if it wasn't happening to me. I feel like I should just cut to the chase and send a cover letter like this:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Enclosed please find the sum total of my professional life. Won't you take a moment to totally reject this portion of my life? Or, better yet, just toss my submission aside and don't respond at all so I am forced to follow up with a phone call, at which point I may experience the rejection firsthand.

Thank you for your time and your negation of everything I've done professionally over the course of the past 35 years.

Jean Jackson


jagosaurus said...

I wish we could send cover letters like that.

Sisiggy said...

JAG: I figure it sounds nicer than:
"Please accept this free voucher to kick me in the ass if you ever meet me."

Gwynne said...

If you need help with the wardrobe, shoot me an email. I've outgrown mine, both physically and professionally. A knitted afghan in exchange would be perfect.

Sisiggy said...

gwynne: If I don't get back on my thyroid meds soon, a knitted afghan is about all that will fit me.

(P.S.: The appt. is made. Don't scold, everyone.)