Wednesday, October 15, 2008

These have been Linguini on the Ceiling Special Depressive Reports. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging, already in progress...

to make a list of all the items I mentioned.

Anyway, this is the point I'm trying to make: Listen for once! Is that so much to ask. And if so I would like to leave you with this thought and this image:

How many more squirrels must die?


Dark Garden said...

I read this past blog entry... Three times actually.

So at this point I gotta ask...

Are you one of the mopes buyin' pills over here in XXXXXX County?

I'm lost. I'm really lost on this one.

Congratulations, you now qualify to be a writer on Realm Of Dark Garden!

Sisiggy said...

I thought things were getting progressively maudlin. Droning on about physical ailments is a sure sign your blog has jumped the shark, so to speak. So this post sort of pushes the reset button.
Back to lighthearted hijinks.

Sisiggy said...


I said "hijinks."

Dark Garden said...

So... ok... (I read it two more times... Still lost...)

So,like, the lady putting road cones in her car; is she positioning them to help other drivers avoid hitting squirrels? Is the guy in the pool content because he strikes squirrels at will, and is even happy about it?

I, myself, havn't hit a squirrel in years. I also stop to move turtles out of the way. If I hit one, will I get the urge to put on a hat and float in water?

Sisiggy said...

It's a shame you couldn't read the whole post and then you'd know what it's about. Unfortunately the first part was canceled in favor of depressive whining. Otherwise you would know the squirrels are a metaphor.

...or are you being purposely obtuse?

Dark Garden said...

Look. I read it ONE MORE FUCKING TIME. I will not read it again! I am not being anything. I have NO idea what this post means!!!!

I guess it's just me!

Never mind!... and to avoid WW3 among your friendly readers... plz shoot me a private email on this one.

Dark Garden said...

I will continue to leave comments here.

This confusion, man, will not stand. We will not tolerate this confusing blog entry.

Sisiggy said...

After your blog entry today, you have the nerve to talk to me about clarification?

Dark Garden said...

Yes... but that's how I roll.

You don't.


Man in a hat! Maninahat floatini! FLOATINI!!! (Hopping around office at 4:30 in the morning singing and dancing.) Manhatfloatini!!! Closure!!!