Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Of limited interest to most

Don't you just hate it when a blog that's sort of interesting to read all of a sudden jumps the shark and dissolves into a never-ending chronicle of how wonderful the author's kids are?

And when she normally posts pictures that are sort of pretty or funny, now she's posting pictures of her kid standing there smiling at whatever activity makes them so wonderful? Don't you hate that?

And don't you hate it when, say, the son of the author of a blog you used to enjoy reading gets inducted into the National Honor Society and instead of kidding around about things like mushrooms and gnomes, she slaps up pictures of her kid standing next to everybody at the ceremony?
Caisee and Heir 2

Caisee's mom Carol and Heir 2

Caisee, Caisee's grandmother and Heir 2

Heir 2 and his friend Jesse

Heir 2 and Jesse's mom, Janie

And then there's the ubiquitous cake shot.

Don't you hate the ubiquitous cake shot? And then all those shots of the kid being really annoyed by his father taking all those photographs?

Give me a break!

Yeah. I really hate that.

Ubiquitous shot of me looking ticked off when I'm really not.


jagosaurus said...


I remember the National Honor Society induction ceremony. Mostly what I remember is hoping that something interesting would happen. Couldn't something have at least caught on fire?

Sometimes I suspect I don't have the proper reverence for these rituals.

Sisiggy said...

Neither, I suspect, did the students running this one, though they did a nice job. They all had a sort of wry smile on their faces as they practically ran into the auditorium, plopped down their candles and did the Evelyn Wood speed reading version of the NHS ceremony. None of the inductees looked terribly happy to be the object of school-wide attention. Plus we all knew there was cake in the cafeteria waiting for us. It was surprisingly quick and painless and, like I said -- cake.

jagosaurus said...


Gwynne said...

Heir 2 has an awesome smile!


Sisiggy said...

Yeah, he's the Cheshire Cat all right...and so shy...