Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not so fast, there Buddy...

You would think $17,000 would do it, wouldn't you?

I mean: seventeen thousand dollars. It's a lot, right?

Apparently not to get a college education. Apparently it's over $25,000 a year tuition to go to Roanoke College.

We were quick to pull out the apples to rejoice and, while we're still proud of Heir 2 he figures, if he's going to have to go into debt anyway, it may as well be for Stanford or Yale, since one of those schools on his resume may ensure a higher income. I beg to differ and we've yet to hear from them, though they keep sending stuff.

I'm all for the whole "a Roanoke College in your hand is worth more than Yale and Stanford in the bush." (Heh...Yale...bush...get it? The Bushes went to Yale...? Yeah, I know...I'll shut up.)

I'm rather pulling for Roanoke. Yale (and most of the Ivy League schools) don't impress me much and I've always felt that the school doesn't matter so much as the effort you put into your chosen field. Plenty of idiots have graduated from Yale (Nope. Not gonna go there...).

Besides, Roanoke is just down I-81. If he went to Yale we'd barely ever see him. If he went to Stanford -- we'd never see him. Just a mother's perspective.

We're only slightly bummed. We'll have to see what other scholarships come through. He also got admission fee-free opportunities from a few other places (JMU was one and I forget the other) that he hasn't taken advantage of yet.

But you know me: I want this issue settled so I can check it off my nighttime worry list. Sigh.


Gwynne said...

I am 100% in agreement re: the choice of schools...the Ivy League may look great on a resume but it only goes as far as a person is willing to work it, and frankly, I'd venture that most of the money spent on tuition at such schools is not well spent. Sounds like Heir 1 has a lot of opportunities and should be very proud. Something will work out. Whatever happened to $85 per quarter? That's I paid for what at the time was one of the top non-Ivy League business programs in the country! Sheesh. And we wonder why education is such a problem in this country.

Dark Garden said...

I figured tuit was gonna be over 20K, but 17's nice to have toward it! Good job for him! That much less to worry about regarding loans and all the other stuff, aye! Anymore, I'd say it's great that he made it through high school and is getting to go to college.

You guys keep up that rejoicing, because there's good grounds for it.

Jane G. said...

I don't understand how anyone can afford to go to college anymore.