Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just remembered...

...when 30-something women had nicknames like "Betty." I want a best friend named Betty -- yeah, just like Wilma (whose name doesn't make me quite as nostalgic, by the way).

Just Betty.

Betty would be kind of like Midge. Remember Midge,
Barbie's very first best friend?

Midge always had to stay home and babysit Pepper, who wasn't really Barbie's little sister (who was Skipper) and was more Tammy's little sister, but was my version of Barbie's little sister because that's what my mother bought me even though Pepper was freakishly bigger than Barbie -- especially the head.

Anyway Midge would babysit while Barbie went out with Ken, mostly because I didn't have an Allen doll so they could double date.

If I had a best friend like that, I would name her Betty.


jagosaurus said...

One of my dearest friends (since high school!) is named Betty. Not Elizabeth or anything like that. Betty.

She is a tall, tan, blond, beautiful goddess of an artist and stunningly nice and likable.

Sisiggy said...

JAG: All that -- and the name Betty too!

jagosaurus said...

I know.