Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

All that is standing between the Free World and their lard.

Just try to get by him with your dusty truck. Just try sneaking huge quantities of lard out of the building for your illicit pie-making.

Don't mess with him: He's got a BADGE!

(and he will promptly call 911. He's not stupid.)


Gwynne said...

He guards the lard? Sweet! :-)

Dark Garden said...

That name on the badge makes it sound like he guards the cartel.

Sisiggy said...

gwynne: Someone has to.

dg: Yeah, what's with that? Charley didn't get it either, but he also didn't find out the first thing about the company he's working for. But he knows lard is among the things he is guarding. (Actually, the security company is not the same as the lard company, but I guess you knew that...)

Dark Garden said...

Come now, you should have known the first thing I would do is research exactly what he's doing (going into such a line of employment). They chose a heck of a name though, I gotta tell ya. I love it!