Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My question is...

...And perhaps those of you who actually took and passed a physics class can answer this for me..

How do we know for sure where we are right now?

(Dirtman reminded me Heir 2 actually got an "A" in Physics and is, in fact, contemplating majoring in Physics in college; but I fear my question will be met with the standard eye roll that tells me Heir 2 expects to be wiping drool from my chin any day now. I would prefer an answer from someone less anxious to sign me into Happy Acres Rest Home.)


Dark Garden said...

Quantum physics... we DON'T know.

See... now me, I have no friggin' idea where I am. Ever.

What the bleep do we know?!!

Yeah! The stuff of dark gardens.

No, I haven't been in the bottle...yet.

..and thank you. I was getting really sick of looking at dirtman's shoes (every time I'd check for new stuff on here!)

Sisiggy said...

We are all sick of looking at Dirtman's shoes. Talking about things you wish were lost in a black hole...

benning said...

Why is Edgar Allan Poe lurking in the garden? Why is a Groucho Marx tune quoted there?

I am here ... because ... where else would I be?

Sisiggy said...

Benning: Oh, I was thinking we might be sucked into a vortex of nothingness by a bunch of giggling Swiss nerd scientists playing with the fabric of the universe.
...or maybe Jersey City.