Monday, August 11, 2008

So Dark Garden will stop obsessing...

Here was the original mast head:

But when I imported it into Blogger, it was too small. So I had to make the rectangle bigger because making the whole thing bigger threw it off the side of the page, so I would have had to re-size the Hokie pic to fit more precisely and then re-size the rectangle and I do have other things I do besides this blog and I was sick of dealing with the whole thing because who, after all, looks all that closely at my mastheads, knowing that they are, after all, slapped up there any old which way because I, like, HAVE A LIFE, so no one will worry that for one stinkin' month Hokie's head is floating in space and his the tufty fur on his chest is just this clump hanging under his chin.



Jane G. said...

I'm with Dark Garden on this one. That's been bugging the hell out of me.

Trasherati said...

Dudes. Seriously.

But also, what's DG got against 'Pode?

Dark Garden said...

I have a life, but I was still lookin' at the thing like it belonged on one of the Discovery Channel episodes of "Freaks." Dog with two mouths!

Hurry hurry! Dog with two mouths; right next to man eating chicken!!!

and... what was that name, Trash?...

Pode? PODE!!!

Slllllowllly I turnnned!

Step by step... Inch by in... HEY!!! Get off my friggin' ankle you little sonofa$^&^%#!!!!

That's what I got against him.