Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One year later...UPDATED

Zsa Zsa is still proud of her little brood.


Becca (she was Penny)


Breeze, who excels in obedience (which I could have predicted -- she's a sweet girl)



Sadie (CASD Jgd. CH Gnome Hills Sexy Sadie)

Abby "The Mouth"

Breeze, Nanouk, Ringo and Sadie are all being shown with great success over in Germany and the UK. Becca, I know, hit the canine lottery, which does my heart good (if you only knew how I agonized over whether or not to let her go somewhere else -- you all know how I am about those redheads!). We hope to hear from Sarge -- especially Heir 2, who had a rough time seeing him adopted out. And, of course, Hokie and Abby are Linguini regulars -- though we are looking for good pet homes for them --which I'm trying not to think about or anticipate, but recognize is necessary and -- as a breeder -- the mature thing to do (I tell you this by way of advance notice if things on the ol' blog take another dark turn. I, perhaps, should choose another venue to express my love of all things canine; but that's a whole other post...).

Editor's Note: Had to post this without updated photos from Sarge. But I hold out hope of those coming in soon.


Gwynne said...

What a beautiful brood they are! I don't know how you let any of them go. And how did they end up across the pond? I notice several (all?) still have their tails. Is that a breeder's choice, to not bob them?

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: Yeah, I suffer horribly when the puppies go, so I know I'm going to have to have a real good reason to breed next time.

As for the tails, Aussies bred after 2006 cannot be shown in the UK and Germany without a tail. So when Mama K (Zsa Zsa's co-owner) arranged to sell four of the puppies overseas, that meant four of the puppies could not have docked tails. Penny and, I believe (I'd have to check my records), and Abby were natural docks, which already took them out of the pool to be international travelers.