Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mama Mia!

At first, when Fluffy started hanging out on the ground level instead of with Heir 1 in the basement...with the dogs, Whiskers was all, "Oh! My mom's come to visit me and cuddle with me! I'll be nice and accommodating because eventually she will head back down south where she belongs and I can have my room back to myself."

Fluffy would jump up next to Whiskers and they would groom each other. And Fluffy would jump up to eat out of Whiskers' bowl and Whiskers would be polite and let her eat first.

This attitude did not last long. Now Whiskers is all, "Get this witch back down to the Pit of Despair," meowed out of the corner of her mouth. And Fluffy is all, "Will you look at her hair, always in her eyes like that, and you'd think for once she'd bring someone nice home; someone Italian or, at least, Catholic and maybe keep her opinions to herself the next time she meets someone nice like that."

And then Whiskers is all, "Mu-therrrrr." And Fluffy is all, "Why don't you try smiling sometimes. No one like a Gloomy Gus."

And then Whiskers crawls under the bed and intends to stay there and write poetry.


Trasherati said...

Beautiful cats.

Although in that photo, their unfortunate positioning makes them look like amputees.I'm just sayin'.

Oh geez, please don't let them be genetically 3-legged cats - I'll feel terribly rude, then.

Dark Garden said...

Pass the pipe, Sis!

Sisiggy said...

Trasherati: Now, you know if we had genetically 3-legged cats, there would have been a whole lot more pictures of them and running commentary and one of them would be named Lt. Dan.

dg: Charley said the same thing.

Trasherati said...

And that would be about 87 different kinds of awesome.
You know, we hit Rudy with that every now and then. When we watch him running, inevitably one of us says, "But you ain't got no legs, Lt. Dan." Cracks our shit up every time.

Gwynne said...

oatiaWhat DG said. Fluffy and Whiskers look like they've been hanging with the 'roos. ;-)

I would swear I've had this same conversation with my daughters, also ending with some poetry under the bed.