Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy days and Fridays always get me down

Rainy days have taken on their own brand

Six dogs. Two-bedroom rambler. No fence out back.


Lots of rawhide bones, pig ears and Kongs.

Lots of checking out the window for a lull in the downpour.

The one glimmer of happiness today?

Gnorm* stowed away in the garlic keeper!

*The Oracle, having done his job and removed Gnorm's ob-stackles.


Sssssslave Grrrrrrravy said...




.... (sniff)

Leslie Shelor said...

I guess six dogs in the house is better than six WET dogs in the house....

benning said...

Seems the safest place for Gnorm. At least until the puppies can get out and romp.