Saturday, May 31, 2008

Note to self

So Dirtman is on the phone to Dish Network and he's yelling. This time he has every right to yell, since we notified them the day we moved that we needed to discontinue service, that we could no longer have Dish because our landlord didn't want the dish on the house and that the address to send the boxes to send back our Dish stuff was such-n-such. The boxes never came. Dirtman called again, following up with an e-mail. He got back a form letter. We've been in the house for a month now and Dish has sent us a bill for the other house for the month of May. Also, no boxes

So Dirtman is yelling at the Dish guy who is calling him a liar and Dirtman is calling him a liar, but the guy insists we should use some federal law to force our landlord into allowing Dish to put up a dish on his house, which we choose not to do since our landlord has already made many concessions on our behalf. But the guy doesn't "get" this and continues both call Dirtman a liar and sell us on Dish at the same time.

Finally Dirtman slams down the receiver with a bang and sucks down some coffee. He was very upset.

So I decided he needed scones.

Then I realized all my scone recipes make more scones than I have pan space since only one of my cookie sheets fit in this tiny oven. Of course I could halve the recipe, but that would require math in the morning before I've finished my first cup of coffee and I'm telling you that just ain't gonna happen, particularly math with fractions. Laugh if you want, but the dogs are lucky I can manipulate the door knob to let them out in the morning before I've had my coffee.

So small and simple was in order, as it has been all month around here. I found this glazed biscuit recipe that apparently I've made a few times, since I've made several notes to myself about what to do next time.

As I recall, these have always looked like they do in the picture

and I have to assume all notes to myself will lead me to the same or a similar outcome. The only change I made this time was substituting dried blueberries for the raisins.

And yet, this is how they turned out.

It is a puzzlement. On the other hand, they do look more scone-like than biscuit-like and the texture was more like a teacake. They were good and if we have any left over, it's only because Heir 2 left for his driver improvement class before they were done and Heir 1 has not yet surfaced from the basement...with the dogs.


Comrade Moleperson said...

Sounds like the dish guy needs a Sicilian message.

Anonymous said...

Hey We had those at your house one time.......delicious. Bet they were even better with blueberries.

Keep that one in mind for our next visit.

Leslie Shelor said...

Hey, as long as the scones were good...

I was pretty done with Dish when their guy made my friend dig her own ditch to bury the cable from the post in the yard where he insisted on putting the dish!

Sisiggy said...

Comrade: We vote that you go over to India to deliver it.

Mrs. DG (a.k.a.,anon): You had us creeped out for a minute there. We were wondering who wouldn't give their name who was at our house for breakfast...(I guess that would narrow the field, huh?

leslie: You're kidding!? Well, sadly, I know you're not kidding. Thing is, in terms of satellite TV around here (and probably by you) they're the only game in town. Can't get anyone to do Direct TV. Dish badly needs some serious competition. We have cable -- no competition there.