Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The empty spot beneath my desk

Zsa Zsa is at the vet’s today having “lady surgery.” Yup, she’s put in her time and effort and now she’s going to retire.

But for today, I miss her. She is my constant companion and comes with me wherever I go. I keep looking for her, talking to her. I’m back to sounding like I’m talking to myself again.

Strangely, the other dogs will not even attempt to take her place under the desk or at my side. They follow, but leave empty her space on my left. She’s trained them well.

Zsas was a good mother, but really didn’t enjoy it. I’ve seen some dogs who just plain delight in motherhood, but not her. She did it well out of a sense of duty and almost as a favor to us. But her true joy is just being with us and being petted. Oh – and eating.

We're well matched, Zsas and I.

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