Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm not dead yet...

Yeah, I'm afraid it's been another few days of bed rest for Sisiggy, an endeavor that is both frustrating, yet comfortable. I lie there and think of all the things I could be doing, forgetting that if I were up and around I'd being doing stupid day to day stuff instead of the important stuff I think of doing while laid up.

So while it was gloriously relaxing to work out of my bed on the laptop, spend the rest of the time reading, being waited on by Dirtman and worried over by Zsa Zsa (I think that she thinks that, like sheep, if she doesn't get me on my feet, I will die. Every time I get ready to get out of bed, she nudges my legs, which she continues to do as I make my way to the bathroom. Then she looks thoroughly disgusted with me when I climb back into bed.), I'd make a miserable, depressed invalid.

So now I'm back on my feet, wobbly, but vertical, and all I can see is that the floor needs to be vacuumed and the shutters need dusting and then there is dinner to plan. Yes, of course I could delegate all of this and Dirtman and Heir 2 would spring into action -- okay, Heir 2 would spring, Dirtman would lumber into action. But this is really my job and while abed I was itching to get outside and work the dogs or get busy at the sewing machine, what I really should be doing are the more mundane household tasks, though I truly don't have the strength to drag a vacuum yet. Besides, the sound would cause Dirtman to come a-running (no...really...) and a scolding would follow, ending with a very Scarlett O'Hara-esque comment from Dirtman: "You want to get so run down you'll never be of any use?"

Well, there's wisdom in that, I suppose.

And so, as I always do when nothing exciting is happening around here: Puppy pictures.

Hokie and The Face


Gwynne said...

Well, at least you were comfortable while in bed. Things could be worse, I suppose, but hope you're up and able to vacuum very soon!

Okay, just kidding about the vacuuming, sheesh.

But what I really wanted to say is that our Aussies also tend to get annoyed when we lie on the floor. Which is as good a reason as any to avoid doing sit-ups, I say. But sometimes, we do so just for the special attention they give us. It's very endearing. ;-)

And puppy pictures are the best form of blog fodder!

Meg said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I hope you at least got in *some* quality time with excellent books or movies and didn't spend it all fretting and resting. That's the only good thing about being sick, in my books.

Like Gwynne said, though, at least you were comfortable in bed. You could have *my* bed which broke, and has now been renamed "The Whelping Box" as the mattress is down on the floor but the high bed sides remain up above the mattress sides, and it looks and feels rather like sleeping in a whelping box, I imagine. It is now the beloved spot of all dogs and I cannot get them out of bed for anything. I need a new bed.

I think you may need to consider investing in washable rugs like us. We only vaccuum half as often as a result, as we throw the washable IKEA rugs into the washer and dryer and, voila, perfectly clean rugs! It's like magic.

Clara also herds and nudges to keep us moving and on our feet. I thought it was just because she is plain obnoxious, but you are reminding me that I could blame it on the shepherd side...that makes it marginally less obnoxious, I guess!

LOVE the Hokie picture! He's such a cutie, I can see why your husband couldn't let him go. Puppy pictures are the best.

Mack, by the way, has figured out that alarm clocks going off means we have to get up and get moving, so now he tries to get us up and out of bed and getting ready for work if he hears one going off. He has not decided this is his new, self appointed Job and he must do it correctly every day or the sky will fall. I think Flatcoats are all a bunch of crazy Chicken Littles (but I love 'em).

My roommate, Nicole, said she set her alarm this morning for an hour after I left, but didn't get out of bed right away because she had a slower morning planned this AM, so she lay in bed looking at catalogs. Mack was frantic with worry that the world would end because she wasn't leaving and going to work.

I guess he's listened in to my information session I give Clara daily while putting on my shoes and socks about "and now I have to go to work, where there are no dogs, so I can make money and buy you fancy food and treats, and so I can save enough money to move us to Alaska and buy you some land there so you guys can have fun". He figures that he needs to hurry us off so we can make lots of money and move to Alaska ASAP so he can start enjoying himself now.

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: Anyone lying on the floor is, according to the Aussies, a rug.

Meg: I'll bet you wouldn't even need an alarm clock. Topper detects a certain slant of the light and translates that into "6:30 a.m.", though we've tried to explain the difference between people time and actual natural sun-up. And, since he's figured out how to open doors, he does us the favor of waking the puppies too -- just in case, ya know...

Dark Garden said...

...but... No Country For Old Men... ???

Trasherati said...

Dude...are you okay? I'm driving past there on Monday - can I help? Drop off dog food? Dean Martin CDs? EMERGENCY LIMONCELLO RATIONS?

Meg said...

You poor thing....Mack used to be the obnoxious alarm clock dog (complete with clicky-clicky toenails on the wood floor as he paced incessantly) until a) I started beating him to the punch by getting up at 4:30 AM (on months I have to work the early shift) and b) he reached the age of 6. He's still pretty hyper, but at 6-going-on-7 he's decided he deserves an occasional lie in. Which we all appreciate.

Clara has figured out how to open doors (gotta love a 60+ year old house with wonky doors) but, luckily, is the laziest little bedhound available, so seldom uses it to annoy us on the nights we close the doors for solitary sleep.

Mostly we sleep with the doors open (unless we want no dog company at night) as the dogs are inclined to "sleep around", and there is nothing more obnoxious than Mack pacing and whining outside my door because he left Nicole's room to come seek me out, and now he can't reach me. Mack thinks if he whines really softly under his breath that makes it OK to whine.

Get lots and lots of rest! I hope you're back to 100% soon! Cuddle the pups lots, that's the best medicine. :)

Sisiggy said...

DG: My Spot-On column.

Trasherati:Drop by! We'll do lunch! Just bring yourself...we've stocked limoncello as a staple, like sugar and coffee.

Meg: Ah, yes, the pacing; the "See? I'm not jumping on you or barking so technically I'm not waking you up; but I've got to pace and pant loudly and snort and pace and pant loudly and snort and..."

Jane G. said...

I am so far behind now.

Are you okay? What's going on?

Gwynne said...

Yeah, what's with the pacing, panting and snorting? Mine have added the vertical blinds slalom course as well...weaving in and out of the vertical slats creates enough ruckus to wake the dead.