Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are we supposed to think she's cute?

I don't know who this "celebrity" is or what her function is on American Idol (since I've never seen the show) but this is why I HATE TELEVISION.

Whether her stupidity is an act or not is irrelevant. She got paid to be an idiot, but we're supposed to accept it because, as the New York Times article where I found this says, she's an "adorable platinum blonde." Not that the New York Times would perpetuate a stereotype...

So, children, forget studying. Focus on your appearance and a cute giggle. And you will be adored.

Later: When Dirtman and I finished watching a movie tonight, guess who was on some show? Yes, aforementioned vacuous airhead, whose name I forget again (but it's in The Times article if you're really curious. Probably everyone knows her but me...). It seems she sings -- I hope really, really, really well. And I'm hoping she's not planning to contribute to the gene pool.


Meg said...

I could only watch the first 30 seconds, she was too scary to continue. I doubt she has 2 brain cells to rub together.

TV bad. Don't watch TV, call for help if needed and we'll send you real movies on DVD, but stay away from the scary ladies, we don't want you keeling over in disgust from too much exposure to brainless bimbos.

Gwynne said...

That was amazing. And I have no idea who she is or any inclination to look up her name, but she strikes me a Anna Nicole, reincarnate. My. Word. *rolling eyes*

tracy said...

That was embarrassing to see. I actually watched her a couple times when she was on idol, I think it was two years ago. She is a much better singer than she is a 5th grader!