Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Falling on Cedar Shingles (okay, faux cedar shingles...)

I admit it. I'm 50 years old and I still feel like a snowfall is some kind of miracle. You'd think I was getting out of school on a day I was scheduled to present an oral report or maybe take an algebra exam. When they announce the schools are closed, I get the same rush I did when I was 11. You'd think I wasn't going to spend the day having snowballs thrown at me from the roof every time I step foot out the door (Get off the Roof, Spicey McDeafness!) or clean up the kitchen 15 times because, God forbid, everyone eat lunch at the same time and put their freakin' dishes in the dishwasher -- not near the dishwasher, around the dishwasher or in the vicinity of the dishwasher -- IN THE FREAKIN' DISHWASHER!


We don't get many good snowfalls in Virginia (to answer the question that is apparently the most popular search phrase leading to the Linguini site). Usually we get a spit of snow turning very quickly to ice turning very quickly to a slushy mess. But on rare occasions we are blessed with a good, home-bounding, nest-in-front-of-the-fire kind of snowfall.

This appeals to the survivalist in me since, as one who grew up planning strategies for the upcoming nuclear attack or political upheaval, I've got all my ducks in a row should the power go out. And I have my stash of dried beans. I wait for the power to go out and for that infernal television to be at last silenced in all quadrants of the household.

The very best, though, is just standing in a good, heavy snowfall, looking straight up and letting it make you dizzy. I guess at my age I look like an idiot doing this, but we fortunately live on a dead end road and I won't frighten the neighbors.

There are those who just don't understand.

"Really, Dah-ling. Haven't you subjected me to enough of this...this...what is this? NATURE?! I HAVE NATURE ALL OVER ME!"


Gwynne said...

I just stumbled in from Hillbilly's place and thought I recognized my old dog! What a lovely collection of dogs, you have. I'm an aussie collector also, but I'm down to just two at the moment.

Lovely snow pics also. I won't complain if you want to look up and get yourself dizzy. I still eat snow ice cream, even if it is made of acid rain. ;-)

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: I don't know that we can call ourselves seasoned collectors until we have at least one Aussie in each color...I'm working on it!

Gwynne said...

Heh. We worked on that for awhile (1 red merle, 1 blue merle, 1 tri-color "merle", 1 black and white like in your picture, 1 red and white, and 1 all white), but never more than 5 at a time. 8-} We finally realized it was impossible...there's an infinite combination of all of the above! But nothing to keep us from trying. ;-)

Leslie Shelor said...

Glad to see that Zsa Zsa got her figure back after the puppies!