Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last night, I didn't get to sleep at all...no...noooooo!

Okay, maybe I dozed a little during the Twilight Zone marathon. I may have nodded off just as Burgess Meredith was about to enter the vault where Jack Palance and Elizabeth Montgomery were in tattered evening clothes and army boots listening to a ventriloquist dummy in the corner. Something like that. I do recall getting into bed "just to rest awhile" and waking up briefly to yell at the lump next to me that he needed to do a walk through of Heir 2's teen New Year's party downstairs and having the lump turn out to be Toppergetdown, who didn't, but did give me one of his grins and sneezed in my face.

Prior to all this, Dirtman and I spent the evening playing Scrabble. I lost by a measly seven points, a real heartbreak, since Dirtman, having pondered several minutes over his letters and thinking of nothing, suddenly scored 38 points with "joined," mysteriously thought up while I was out of the room preparing the caramel popcorn. I'm not making any accusations, but strikes me as suspicious, particularly since earlier he was trying to convince me that there was such a word as "pettingly."

We toasted in the New Year with Alpenglow, which is, I think, Swiss for "fizzy fruit juice crap." We winced at Dick Clark hosting the Times Square ball drop and hope people will be kind (kinder than I certainly was) when discussing it over the water cooler, which inevitably they will because, I'm telling you, it was work trying to understand what he was saying, not that it was all that important, but, still, I feel obligated to pay attention because he's trying so hard and it looks like such an effort. And, yeah, I know, I'm bringing down the Gods of Justice upon me and, really, these days you'd think I'd know better than to tempt fate when it's been in such an uncooperative mood lately. Certainly that's what Dirtman pointed out to me. Apparently the entire economy stinks because of my bad attitude.

As for the party: All went smoothly, the last ones stumbled out of here after noon on Tuesday and, even more amazing, there is food left in the house.

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benning said...

I went to bed at 10:30PM and got up at 5AM to go to work. I'm too old, I guess, for the frivolities of New Year's Eve.

I don't think I missed much!

Happy New Year!