Saturday, November 03, 2007

We're posting, we're posting, we're posting...

I'm a little late in trying to post everyday, so I don't qualify for this. November sneaked up on me and here we are at the third. But it's good exercise anyway.

I suppose I could bore you with more puppy pictures and maybe I will tomorrow when I take more puppy pictures. Today I'm attempting homemade pasta and the two activities are incompatible. Even I know that.

Anyway, the usual question: What have I been doing, since I've obviously not been blogging?

I've been flour-obsessed. I'm trying to get to the point where I can conjure up loaves of bread without a second thought. It's loaf after loaf after loaf.

We are expecting a rough week, though. The last four puppies are heading to Europe. Even though they're getting to be a real chore to deal with (it brings us to ten dogs) and keeping them reasonably quiet and contained is a daily challenge, I'm going to miss them: Laid back Ringo, drama-queen Sadie, always happy Nanook and -- I think most of all -- gentle, sweet Breeze.

But then we still have our Blabby Abby and Hokie Doke to deal with here and they're getting big -- can't just pick them up and move them where you want anymore. At least not without hurting something.

I'm done. Leave some for tomorrow.

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White Trasherati said...

Better late to the party than never, Sisiggy. Glad you've joined us : )